3 Ways to Prioritize Play This Fall

As we close the gap on August and prepare to move full steam ahead to the brisk days of fall, you don’t have to bid adieu to your playtime. Don’t fall for the gap!

Sure the sunnier days of summer are more inviting to all the activities that have to do with play and nurturing your inner child. However, fall can be just as nurturing if you continue to put the spotlight on play, and keep it as a priority in your life! As adults, we have bought into the theory that we need to work more, work harder and log longer hours in order to make our dreams come true. Actually, burnout is not a prerequisite to success (Click to Tweet).

When we sacrifice playtime with our children, friends, and partners we begin to disconnect from our joy and happiness. It’s imperative for our mental health, and creativity, to sit outside watching the clouds roll by or to meet a friend with no agenda other than to connect . In those moments we are connected to the spark which allows our souls to be fed and in turn we plug into new ideas, solve problems in a different way, and as the saying goes “take the blinders off.”

It’s true that it won’t be long and we’ll be gearing up for the holidays. Wouldn’t it be lovely to arrive rested, joyful and ready to tackle the holiday season head-on as opposed to feeling you just want to get to the other side of all the hustle and bustle? Of course it would! This is why you need to prioritize playtime this fall.

Follow these 3 tips and you’ll continue to beam with enthusiasm and embrace new adventures.

Adjust your Mindset–You don’t always need to have 3-4 hour blocks of time to play. How about walking to work with a pit stop in the park for 10 minutes to play on a swing? If you’re driving add an extra 10 minutes of time to take a small detour that has peaked your curiosity. By adjusting your mindset you’ll be opening your brain to new possibilities. And that’s when the real fun starts to happen.

Giggling Counts–You may not have time to put on your bowling shoes and throw a few strikes, however, there’s always time for a laugh! Lighten up as you embrace the silliness that happens every single day and deserves a good guffaw even in the busiest of moments. My husband and I often have elevator races. He jumps into one elevator, I’m in another and we race to see who gets to our floor first. The winner takes a victory lap and waves to the imaginary fans. Is this a little nutty? For sure! Do we laugh hysterically? Absolutely. There are times this is exactly what is needed to take the sting out of a rough day.

Play Equals Commitment –Put some structured play dates in your adult calendar. Remember to hold this time as sacred. Treat your playtime with the same commitment as having your teeth cleaned, (Click to Tweet) grocery shopping or any other activity you need to do as an adult.  Again, this has nothing to do with the season and should be a year-round commitment. Allow every season to be the season of play.

These tips are simple and you can begin incorporating them into your life today! Take the challenge and make this a priority. By Consciously Connecting to the commitment of play you’ll feel more connected to everyone and everything happening in your life.

Go out and play and I’ll see you soon.

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