Invest in YOUR Connection!

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Have you said “I will” to a year of Consciously Connecting? If not, now is the time, this is the moment!

Welcome to a year of life changing opportunities, new perspectives and a path of grace. Consciously Connecting is about choosing a life of greater connectivity to yourself and others. Tune into your desires, find fun in the mundane and learn to disconnect before your day has disappeared.

What do you desire? Not what your parents, professors or pastors want for you–YOU. This is about the conscious journey of discovering what you desire, and connecting to the path that best suits your lifestyle.

Have you found fun in the mundane? Sure this can be difficult at times, especially when you can’t see the forest through the trees, or the light at the end of the tunnel. However, there are always ways to find the thread to fun and laughter in each and every day, especially if you’re willing to view things in a different light. And if that doesn’t work, you can always return to the hum-drum, mundane way it was before.

Do you disconnect daily? How do you walk away from all the chatter, disconnect from too much technology and spend some time each day with yourself? By setting aside time for you, often the missing ingredient, it creates a deeper connection within yourself and to others.

This is the moment which changes every-thing! Right now you’re going to make the commitment to this year being the best year you’ve ever experienced by joining the journey to Consciously Connecting. We’re here for you each month with free newsletters and blogs, and for those who would like a little more we’ve got you covered as well. Click Here!

Many of you have loved my book, Consciously Connecting, and shared how your lives have changed. You asked for more, we heard you and developed a monthly online course to aid in your connection to all aspects of your life on a deeper level. Click Here. So, if you’re ready for more, we’ll do it together once a month for 12 months. Join for one month, 6 months or the entire year, it’s up to you to choose the amount of connection you desire for your life. Click Here for more information.

I’m looking forward to this being the best year yet and sharing the journey with you! Click the button below as we begin to find and focus on greater connection to everything you desire for 2017. Come on, let’s do it together.

A Healthy Holiday Connection

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As the year comes to a close many of us find ourselves on a tightrope somewhere between contentment and agitation. Let’s be honest, the real purpose of the holidays isn’t in the giving of gifts, but in the giving of your time (Click to Tweet). Choosing to share your time with others is special and sacred.

Then how can such a festive time of year have so many triggers? Triggers can leave you feeling disconnected from joy and utterly exhausted. This is the year to put holiday mealtime into perspective as you spread the cheer and glad tidings.

Here are 3 simple tips to help you create a healthier approach to all the festivities this season. These tips will give you peace of mind and maybe even create a little peace on earth!

Tip #1: Phone stack? Nope, it doesn’t really work, as I shared during my interview with Andy Cohen. Phone stacks keep your brain looped into focusing on emails that need to be answered and texts you may be missing. Not a great way to create a connection with another person.

Tip #2: Give friends and family the focus they deserve by face to face interaction. This means putting your devices away during meals together. Placing a phone on the table creates anxiety and the pressure that you’re too busy to share this time with others.

Tip #3: Vibrating isn’t the best solution…well, not with a phone. Shut your phone off, yes OFF when meeting with friends and family so you’re not tempted to check your device.

The most important focus of any event is the person or people right in front of you, not what’s on your devices (Click to Tweet). Step out of the fast paced frenzy of the season as you choose to disconnect from the distraction of your device and begin to enjoy a happier, healthier holiday season with others.

Thanks for consciously connecting, and we’ll be sending information on a special gift for the season very soon.

3 Ways to Prioritize Play This Fall

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As we close the gap on August and prepare to move full steam ahead to the brisk days of fall, you don’t have to bid adieu to your playtime. Don’t fall for the gap!

Sure the sunnier days of summer are more inviting to all the activities that have to do with play and nurturing your inner child. However, fall can be just as nurturing if you continue to put the spotlight on play, and keep it as a priority in your life! As adults, we have bought into the theory that we need to work more, work harder and log longer hours in order to make our dreams come true. Actually, burnout is not a prerequisite to success (Click to Tweet).

When we sacrifice playtime with our children, friends, and partners we begin to disconnect from our joy and happiness. It’s imperative for our mental health, and creativity, to sit outside watching the clouds roll by or to meet a friend with no agenda other than to connect . In those moments we are connected to the spark which allows our souls to be fed and in turn we plug into new ideas, solve problems in a different way, and as the saying goes “take the blinders off.”

It’s true that it won’t be long and we’ll be gearing up for the holidays. Wouldn’t it be lovely to arrive rested, joyful and ready to tackle the holiday season head-on as opposed to feeling you just want to get to the other side of all the hustle and bustle? Of course it would! This is why you need to prioritize playtime this fall.

Follow these 3 tips and you’ll continue to beam with enthusiasm and embrace new adventures.

Adjust your Mindset–You don’t always need to have 3-4 hour blocks of time to play. How about walking to work with a pit stop in the park for 10 minutes to play on a swing? If you’re driving add an extra 10 minutes of time to take a small detour that has peaked your curiosity. By adjusting your mindset you’ll be opening your brain to new possibilities. And that’s when the real fun starts to happen.

Giggling Counts–You may not have time to put on your bowling shoes and throw a few strikes, however, there’s always time for a laugh! Lighten up as you embrace the silliness that happens every single day and deserves a good guffaw even in the busiest of moments. My husband and I often have elevator races. He jumps into one elevator, I’m in another and we race to see who gets to our floor first. The winner takes a victory lap and waves to the imaginary fans. Is this a little nutty? For sure! Do we laugh hysterically? Absolutely. There are times this is exactly what is needed to take the sting out of a rough day.

Play Equals Commitment –Put some structured play dates in your adult calendar. Remember to hold this time as sacred. Treat your playtime with the same commitment as having your teeth cleaned, (Click to Tweet) grocery shopping or any other activity you need to do as an adult.  Again, this has nothing to do with the season and should be a year-round commitment. Allow every season to be the season of play.

These tips are simple and you can begin incorporating them into your life today! Take the challenge and make this a priority. By Consciously Connecting to the commitment of play you’ll feel more connected to everyone and everything happening in your life.

Go out and play and I’ll see you soon.

Where’s Your Voice?

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Plagiarism, plagiarism, plagiarism, that seems to be the word of the moment. Why are we talking about this again? Well, if you’ve been in a cave for the last 24 hours here’s the update.

Melania Trump’s speech at the RNC seems to have been lifted right out of Michelle Obama’s playbook. However, that’s not what this is about! The real question here is how often do you lose your voice in the chaos of everyday life? Do you find yourself spewing out advice that someone gave you? Instead of using words from your own heart and soul? Maybe your writing style is one of cut and paste. This is disconnected from your truth and what you have to share with the world. and I connected on this very topic. In case you missed it, check it out below. And remember, make your words your own, no need to use anyone else’s.

Are you Connecting in the Middle?

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Is it really July? Gosh, that’s so hard to believe, yet it’s true. Every year I recite this same phrase in utter disbelief. Where has the time gone?

Remember when your parents used to say phrases like that?  You couldn’t wrap your head around what they were saying. After all, you agonizingly counted the days to summer and couldn’t wait for all that it would bring. Limitless time to swing, maybe fishing adventures, amusement parks with lots of rides, perhaps it was camping or anything else your heart desired. Ah, life was so good.

Are you embracing your inner child by taking time this summer to go out and play? Connecting to play is important for your creativity, and being outside nurtures your brain and body. [Click to Tweet] Spending quality time outside, not just rushing from one event to the next, but rather intentionally going outside and into nature can change your attitude.

Yes, nature is calling you! Nature nurtures so it’s imperative that you spend some time in the park, mountains or at the shore. Spending time in nature allows the pathways in the brain to connect to new ideas, problem solving becomes easier, and your mental health improves as well as lowering your levels of cortisol.

Less stress, more happiness and a deeper connection to YOU are the perfect ingredients for a successful summer. So swap some time at your desk and time with technology for something better as you head outside to drink in some green while looking up and out at the beautiful blue sky.

Enjoy connecting in the middle and remember to continue Consciously Connecting!

curiosity killed the cat go out and play in June

Did Curiosity Kill the Cat?

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I don’t think so if anything it probably extended all 9 lives.

I grew up with a mother who had, and still has, an insatiable curiosity for everything. As a result, my brother and I had to taste every type of food, visit art museums, learn to garden and make jam–all while trying to understand the delicate dance of communication. We played at being city folk and country folk, all with the idea that variety leads to curiosity, and from curiosity the world will be seen in technicolor! (Click to Tweet)

Often on the way to church, my mom would take back roads and alternate unknown routes, all in the name of curiosity and adventure. My brother and I thought she was nuts! But in hindsight, which is always 20/20, she was darn smart.

If something seemed yucky or looked disgusting, in other words, we didn’t want to eat it, touch it, do it or smell it, she put it front and center so we could try something new. She wanted us to master life, and in her opinion, that meant planting seeds of curiosity so we would always explore alternatives before closing a door to an opportunity.

I could only claim I didn’t like something after I tried it. Mom thought it was wonderful if I wanted to visit another church, synagogue or temple, and the idea that my curiosity to learn about others was bubbling and would allow me to access the connection to myself on a deeper level. What became interesting to me was that my mother never felt threatened by my expanding interests, in fact, she was excited about them.

No conflict about ending up too far to the left or too far to the right, as curiosity is the mysterious ingredient that makes everything as it should be. If you experience everything life has to offer, you’ll have a life filled with magical and mysterious experiences. And imagine those experiences interwoven with wonderful people who share their journeys with you.

What my brother and I didn’t realize, after all, how could we, was that we were given a gentle guide and the positive preparation for life. Dive into something scary, chances are it won’t be that bad. Be curious enough to try something new on a menu. Participate in an activity you know absolutely nothing about as you buckle up for a wonderful ride because curiosity opens the door to exploration, which in turn provides information and that, gives the gift of inspiration!

So did curiosity kill the cat? No, it did not! Curiosity filled the 9 lives with palpable passion, lots of excitement and wonderful adventures beyond compare.

Go and eagerly explore as you allow your curiosity to transport you beyond your limits as you feel the connection to the edge and back.


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