2017 is the year to invest in YOU!

Join Holland and learn how to master the art of connection.

Another year has come, and its almost gone! We want to celebrate how far you’ve come in 2016 and make the investment to go even further with you in 2017.

This is the year to dream big, exceed your limits, and accomplish your goals. In other words, make your mission a priority and keep your eye on the prize!

We all want change, although sometimes we don’t welcome it in our lives. It’s hard connecting the dots all alone, so we’re here to help you. Our new online course allows you to work at your own pace. Each month you will receive a personalized manual giving you the tools to take a deeper dive into the journey of consciously connecting to your life and business.

Didn’t meet all your 2016 goals? We’ve got the solution for you. Trouble leading your tribe? Gotcha covered. Disconnected from playtime, creativity, and spontaneity? We’ll get you back on track.

This is the year to do things differently. Step into your boldness, brilliance, and bravery as we work to build your best year yet!

For less than a dollar a day, you will receive personalized guidance from the Expert on Connection. Step by step, each month Holland will share how to link your life to greater connection as you improve the relationship with yourself and others.

The course will arrive to your inbox promptly on the first day of each new month. Each month is an independent experience from the prior month and you can start the month on any day. We recommend beginning right away so you feel the full impact and master the entire curriculum for that particular month.

Allow us to partner with you in one of these three easy ways. Choose the plan that works best to help you get started:

Monthly Investment – $29/month

If you’re not ready just yet to commit 100%; choose 1, 2, 3, or more months of connection…your choice!

6 Month Investment – $145 (one month FREE!)

From January to June, you can focus on greater connection to Grace, Tapping into Love, Learn Easy Steps to Take Action, How to Focus Your Energy, Why Play Needs to be a Priority, and Why it’s Essential to Connect the Dots in Your Life.

12 Month Investment  – $290 (two months FREE!)

Take the deepest dive of all as you connect to every aspect of your life and work. We’ll explore all the topics listed above including; Fine Tuning Your Independence, How to Overcome Obstacles, Setting and Achieving Your Goals, Discover the Art of Leadership, Using Change as a Catalyst, and the Real Meaning of Celebration . By signing up for the 12 month program, it costs less per day than the spare change in your pocket!

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With each gift purchase you will receive a beautiful customized certificate to place under the tree, next to the menorah, or tucked neatly into a stocking!

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