Did Curiosity Kill the Cat?

curiosity killed the cat go out and play in June

I don’t think so if anything it probably extended all 9 lives.

I grew up with a mother who had, and still has, an insatiable curiosity for everything. As a result, my brother and I had to taste every type of food, visit art museums, learn to garden and make jam–all while trying to understand the delicate dance of communication. We played at being city folk and country folk, all with the idea that variety leads to curiosity, and from curiosity the world will be seen in technicolor! (Click to Tweet)

Often on the way to church, my mom would take back roads and alternate unknown routes, all in the name of curiosity and adventure. My brother and I thought she was nuts! But in hindsight, which is always 20/20, she was darn smart.

If something seemed yucky or looked disgusting, in other words, we didn’t want to eat it, touch it, do it or smell it, she put it front and center so we could try something new. She wanted us to master life, and in her opinion, that meant planting seeds of curiosity so we would always explore alternatives before closing a door to an opportunity.

I could only claim I didn’t like something after I tried it. Mom thought it was wonderful if I wanted to visit another church, synagogue or temple, and the idea that my curiosity to learn about others was bubbling and would allow me to access the connection to myself on a deeper level. What became interesting to me was that my mother never felt threatened by my expanding interests, in fact, she was excited about them.

No conflict about ending up too far to the left or too far to the right, as curiosity is the mysterious ingredient that makes everything as it should be. If you experience everything life has to offer, you’ll have a life filled with magical and mysterious experiences. And imagine those experiences interwoven with wonderful people who share their journeys with you.

What my brother and I didn’t realize, after all, how could we, was that we were given a gentle guide and the positive preparation for life. Dive into something scary, chances are it won’t be that bad. Be curious enough to try something new on a menu. Participate in an activity you know absolutely nothing about as you buckle up for a wonderful ride because curiosity opens the door to exploration, which in turn provides information and that, gives the gift of inspiration!

So did curiosity kill the cat? No, it did not! Curiosity filled the 9 lives with palpable passion, lots of excitement and wonderful adventures beyond compare.

Go and eagerly explore as you allow your curiosity to transport you beyond your limits as you feel the connection to the edge and back.


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