Do You or Your Colleagues Need Guidance on Digital Discipline?

Technology adds ease and simplicity to daily life, however we all need time to power down and reconnect to our clarity, sanity, and focus.

Learn to set parameters, spend time unplugged, and give yourself the gift to yourself and others.

It may be time for a different plan if you take your phone everywhere, it’s the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing at night.

Many of us face these issues daily. By constantly checking social media you’re getting dopamine hits, however this may have you feeling agitated, isolated, and frustrated. Time to look at alternatives.

Learn how your brain is changing and why you may be at the precipice of technological addiction. Holland will aid you in the next steps to move forward with positive behavioral change and a balanced plan of action.

Improve your relationships, productivity and creativity as you join thousands of individuals, corporations and organizations who have learned how to unplug and find their way back to the power of relationships.

Are you willing to make the commitment, master technological balance, and reconnect to your humanity?

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