Do You or Your Colleagues Need Guidance on Digital Discipline and Balance?

Technology adds ease and simplicity to daily life, on that point we agree! However, you need to power down to experience clarity and focus. Spending time unplugged creates the opportunity to connect with yourself and others, on a much deeper level.

Do you take your phone everywhere you go? Is it the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing at night? How many hours have you lost by endlessly liking, sharing, scrolling, and trolling on the web?

Many corporations and organizations face these issues daily. If your employees are constantly checking social media due to FOMO, and feeling agitated, stressed out, and frustrated, then it’s time to look at alternatives.

Understanding digital balance, when and how to disconnect, and the latest on neuroscience, will allow for better time management and productivity. This also aids to build deeper relationships.

The breakdown in relationships is partially due to a lack of technological balance.

Learn how your brain is changing and why you may be at the precipice of technological addiction. Holland will aid you in the next steps on how to move forward with positive behavioral change and a balanced plan of action.

Improve your relationships, productivity and creativity as you join thousands of individuals, corporations and organizations who have learned how to unplug and find their way back to relationships and peace of mind.

Are you willing to make the commitment, learn technological balance, and reconnect to other priorities?

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