Hoda Kotb interview with Holland Haiis

Hoda Kotb sat down with Connectivity Expert Holland Haiis (original air date: January 18, 2017) to discuss resolutions, gratitude and healthy technological habits.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be focusing on our resolutions, many of which involve how to make this the best year yet.

Countless people decide they want to be more productive, better at managing time, or this is the year to begin exercising and getting their body in shape. We want to have it all.

Think about your goals/resolutions a little differently this year and work from the inside out. Approach your goals with thought and intention. Make sure the goals are your own.

Let’s rewire ourselves to avoid failure, which impacts the success we have for the entire year.

Slowing down and setting parameters around our technological habits is a great way to start any day or any year. Setting clear boundaries on when, where and why you are using technology..