The Book

Many of us have poisonous people in our lives, and most of the time we allow them to exist.

Focus on those who cultivate your soul, and allow yourself to do the same for them.

Acknowledge this moment and your openness to move out of the abyss of disconnection.

…Your mission takes grit and guts to gain the glory!

The Book

The Book

Consciously Connecting Offers An Opportunity & Challenge To Connect Each Month


You Can Connect to Grace.

In the January chapter continue connecting to grace and gratitude, as you focus and reflect.


How Can You Love Yourself More?

Disconnect from negativity; reconnect to positivity. The February chapter takes you on a journey to loving yourself more.


Do You Believe in Taking Chances?

If you believe in taking chances then the March chapter is the place to start. You’ll get the motivation mojo and spring into action.


Rediscover and Reconnect.

In the April chapter learn how to connect the dots as you reset and rewire.


Are You Channeling the Energy You Want?

The May chapter will share how to honor your energy with enthusiasm!


Can’t Color Outside the Lines?

Jump into the chapter of June as you learn to color in a different way. Give yourself the gift of new crayons: humor, joy, and play!


If You Can’t Follow Your Dreams, How Can You Discover Independence?

July’s chapter gives you the tools to follow your dreams and discover greater independence. Continue to explore freedom and begin to fine tune your focus.


Does Guilt Cloud Your Judgment?

Allow August’s chapter to transform the power of release. Step away from suffering and back away from booby traps.


Out of School and Out of Sync?

If you’re feeling out of sync step into the September chapter by getting back to the basics and setting goals.


Are You Living Your Truth?

If you’re not living your truth October’s chapter gets you to change the view.


Is Your Mindset One of Thanksgiving?

The November chapter gives you the opportunity to learn how to create and connect to the mindset of thanksgiving.


Do Your Celebrations Contribute to Contention?

December’s chapter challenges celebrating what is really important – YOU!

“You do not have to run all the time.
Give yourself permission to take a stroll”