Are you Connecting in the Middle?

By July 15, 2016Connectivity

Is it really July? Gosh, that’s so hard to believe, yet it’s true. Every year I recite this same phrase in utter disbelief. Where has the time gone?

Remember when your parents used to say phrases like that?  You couldn’t wrap your head around what they were saying. After all, you agonizingly counted the days to summer and couldn’t wait for all that it would bring. Limitless time to swing, maybe fishing adventures, amusement parks with lots of rides, perhaps it was camping or anything else your heart desired. Ah, life was so good.

Are you embracing your inner child by taking time this summer to go out and play? Connecting to play is important for your creativity, and being outside nurtures your brain and body. [Click to Tweet] Spending quality time outside, not just rushing from one event to the next, but rather intentionally going outside and into nature can change your attitude.

Yes, nature is calling you! Nature nurtures so it’s imperative that you spend some time in the park, mountains or at the shore. Spending time in nature allows the pathways in the brain to connect to new ideas, problem solving becomes easier, and your mental health improves as well as lowering your levels of cortisol.

Less stress, more happiness and a deeper connection to YOU are the perfect ingredients for a successful summer. So swap some time at your desk and time with technology for something better as you head outside to drink in some green while looking up and out at the beautiful blue sky.

Enjoy connecting in the middle and remember to continue Consciously Connecting!

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