Holland Haiis is a popular keynote and motivational speaker. Her talks on the power of human connection have inspired audiences around the globe.

Sharing the latest brain science Holland applies this research to increasing creativity, productivity and most importantly the connection to our humanity. Holland shares stories, game changing techniques, and practical steps to transform and shift your mindset. Holland approaches some of the hottest topics today.

Topics Include:

  • Digital Discipline: The 21st Century Road Map If you’re experiencing brain burn out, exhaustion, and feel you need to be available 24-7, this talk is for you. Learn the latest in brain science to understand what’s happening, why and how to make better choices. This keynote will have your creativity and productivity hitting new highs.
  • Lead With the Power of Connection Today’s digital revolution has left many of us lacking the skills needed to create powerful connections. And yet, if we’re unable to create meaningful relationships our personal and professional lives will suffer. This signature talk is ideal for those looking to honor relationships through the power of connection.
  • Break Through the Bias – This popular keynote is for women who are ready to step up and take action. The way we lead is indicative of our success, yet many of us are following old habits and modeling outdated beliefs. Studies have shown that when we connect through the power of diversity and inclusion our teams are happier, perform better and corporations are more profitable. Learn what drives human behavior and the simple steps you can take to further impact your industry.
  • Connect to Goals That Get Results and Gain MomentumThis keynote is for teams and individuals who set the same goals year after year, and experience defeat because they’re doing it the same way. Learn the brain science of how to build better habits and Holland’s system of  A&A – R&R, to set, meet, beat and exceed your goals.
  • Body Language for Best Branding, Marketing & Sales This well-received keynote has been targeted for those in sales and marketing. In this revealing talk you’ll understand the power of body language and the impact it has on the human brain. This step-by-step process can be used for any presentation, meeting or conference.
  • Create a Workplace of Connection This keynote is targeted toward leaders, managers and teams who feel disconnected from their professional and personal mission and vision. Examine the latest in brain science and learn how to collectively leverage talent, time and opportunities.
  • Failure or Success? It’s all About PerspectiveIn this fast changing world we’ve got to be ready to transform. A professional can have a tough inner critic and shut down neural pathways that are needed for success. We’ll look at brain science, perception and how to convert your inner critic into your biggest fan.
  • How to Reconnect in a Disconnected World In this inspirational keynote, based on the principles in her book, Holland shares the 7 pillars of power that awaken us to clarify whether we’re leading from a place of purpose and possibility. This talk is targeted toward women who are ready for change and need clarity on the process and next steps

All of Holland’s speeches, workshops and break out sessions are customized for your event, corporation or organization.

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