Keynote Speaking & Seminars

Holland is known to be an effective and empowering speaker. She shares practical advice which can be easily implemented to experience greater success. Holland will inspire and energize your group as they focus on the power of conscious communication and connection.

Holland’s interactive keynote speeches will motivate your group to plug into their potential and take action. Holland’s engaging and fun personality will challenge your comfort zone and help you understand how to shift your mindset as you learn what it means to be connected as a conscious leader.

Holland approaches some of the hottest topics and powerfully presents them with inspiration and humor.


  • Digital Discipline: The 21st Century Road Map
  • Lead With the Power of Connection
  • Goals That Get Results and Gain Momentum
  • Embracing Diversity, Adversity and the Art of Listening
  • When Things Get Hot, Step Into The Fire

Today a professional and personal life are integrated so it’s important to live with passion, purpose and connection.

All of Holland’s speeches and workshops can be customized for your event, corporation or organization.

Digital Balance

Do You or Your Colleagues Need Guidance on Digital Discipline and Balance?

Technology adds ease and simplicity to daily life, on that point we agree! However, you need to power down to experience clarity and focus. Spending time unplugged creates the opportunity to connect with yourself and others, on a much deeper level.

Do you take your phone everywhere you go? Is it the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing at night? How many hours have you lost by endlessly liking, sharing, scrolling, and trolling on the web?

Many corporations and organizations face these issues daily. If your employees are constantly checking social media due to FOMO, and feeling agitated, stressed out, and frustrated, then it’s time to look at alternatives.

Understanding digital balance, when and how to disconnect, and the latest on neuroscience, will allow for better time management and productivity. This also aids to build deeper relationships.

The breakdown in relationships is partially due to a lack of technological balance.

Learn how your brain is changing and why you may be at the precipice of technological addiction. Holland will aid you in the next steps on how to move forward with positive behavioral change and a balanced plan of action.

Improve your relationships, productivity and creativity as you join thousands of individuals, corporations and organizations who have learned how to unplug and find their way back to relationships and peace of mind.

Are you willing to make the commitment, learn technological balance, and reconnect to other priorities?

Leadership Development

The art of leadership, communication, and how you connect to others can transform a team and boldly move a business toward outstanding success.

Being a business leader is not synonymous with being a business owner, entrepreneur or executive, and it’s time to learn the difference.

Leaders need to be effective, have the ability to connect with members of their team, and empower others to take the lead. A great leader can assess what isn’t working and have the courage to move in another direction. But, leading is impossible if you haven’t found your voice.

What is influence and how can you be an influencer? Understanding your body language and non verbal cues is critical when speaking to a team, at corporate events or to the press. The best relationship skills create an instant impact, retain top talent, and turn opportunities into cash.

Leaders communicate clearly and concisely, leaving nothing open to interpretation. And of course they motivate everyone to be the best and maximize the team’s potential.

The best leaders are taught, coached, and challenged to uncover their greatness so they can lead and inspire others.

Corporate Training

Building the right team takes time, patience, and perseverance. Let Holland help you with the fundamentals as you build a bridge to better connections.

Relationships in the workplace need to be developed in order to obtain measurable results. By focusing on people, and not just profits, employees turn into leaders and excel beyond expectation.

Planning and preparation are needed to execute a strategy with precision. This doesn’t happen with magic, but the results can be magical if you focus on mastering the right mindset and motivation.

It’s imperative that teams find balance and work together in a cohesive and collaborative environment. Most team members want their voices to be heard and often need to develop the tools for success.

Varying personalities bring different issues to a team and having a road map to move forward is imperative. Learn how to put the focus on clear communication, commitment and leadership. Give your team the tools and momentum needed to thrive in the workplace.


Assessment & Plan of Action

– Lost your passion and purpose? Let’s discover what that is and put a plan into action.
– Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Time to get a promotion or go after something completely different.
– Want to own the room, close more deals and be seen as a leader in your industry? Let’s look at how you can positively impact any meeting or media opportunity.
– How are your relationships, health, and wellness? The way you do anything is the way you do everything. Time for a tune-up?
– Problems with work/life balance? Learn to disconnect from distraction and re-connect to what matters most in your life.

If one or all of these apply to you, it’s time to get started. Get unstuck from the disconnection you may be feeling from life, family, friends, missed opportunities, unclear boundaries or anything else. Work the proven principles of reconnecting to your goals and begin to feel balance and bliss as you optimize opportunity.

3 Month Intensive

– What’s your story? Connect to your purpose and passion.
– Discover and optimize opportunities buried in obstacles.
– Lead in life and your business.
– Increase connections to your team, business and leadership style.
– Learn what your body language and non-verbal cues are communicating.
– Master how to navigate conflict and difficult conversations.

If one or all of these apply to you, it’s time to get started. Get unstuck from the disconnect you may be feeling in business, from family, friends, missed opportunities, unclear boundaries or any other area where you’re blocked.

Work the proven principles of reconnecting to your goals and begin to feel balance and bliss as you optimize opportunity.