Where’s Your Power Surge?

Technology has changed everything and we are reminded of this daily. The gift of ease and simplicity is apparent when booking airline tickets or purchasing a pair of shoes without ever leaving your living room. And gone are the days of waiting in a hotel lobby for a fax to arrive as one click on your device assures delivery.

With so much ease there is a price to be paid for the super simple technologically connected world. We have forgotten our humanity, connectivity and sometimes eye to eye contact feels like being naked. Everyone is looking down, scrolling screens and connecting to the information highway without a single word of conversation.

It’s time for a different type of power surge and it means leaving the phones behind, for now.

As nature begins to awaken we need to wake up as well. It’s time to head outside and get the type of power surge that only happens when you’re looking up and out at the world.

Where's Your Power Surge

How often do you watch the sunset? The entire sunset, not just 15 seconds as you’re running to do something else, taking a call or scrolling through random events on social media. Make it a priority to spend some time in nature and begin to feel the calm nature gives to you as a gift.

Take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Repeat several times and begin to notice the calming effect this has on your body. Deep breathing helps with relaxation and releasing all those mental cobwebs caused by too much technology.

Trying looking up and out and you’ll be astonished how different the world looks. What do you see? Wow, how does that feel? It’s a different world when you’re not looking down at texts and emails and actually look at the sky, trees, and people. Yes, humans actually have faces and emit emotions when you remember to engage with them.

Sounds easy however this gets more and more difficult when you keep your head buried in devices. Eye contact becomes intimidating and conversations stiff. There’s a whole world that’s not on your screen and it’s time to start looking for those connections. Once you start to look up and out you’ll find conversations are interesting and thought provoking.

Connect to your power surge as you spring toward some tech free time and begin to nurture yourself.  Until next time, continue Consciously Connecting.

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